Office of the Registrar
General Information (2009/2010)
6.15 Research, Office of

  • Director
  • Cox, B., B.A. Memorial
  • Assistant Director (Contracts)
  • Perchard, C., B.Comm. Memorial
  • Contracts Co-ordinator
  • Peach, J.
  • Contracts Co-ordinator
  • Barnes, D.
  • Grants Co-ordinator
  • Hopkins, J.
  • Grants Co-ordinator
  • King, D.
  • Grants Co-ordinator
  • Lye, B.
  • Co-ordinator (Ethics and Internal Grants)
  • Butler, E.

The Office of Research is responsible for the administration, facilitation, and recording of scholarly research carried out by individual researchers as well as teams of researchers at Memorial University of Newfoundland. It is the institutional approval point for research funding applications as well as for grant funding agreements, research contracts and other formal agreements required in the conduct of research throughout the institution, the value of which currently amounts to between $80 million and $90 million annually. The Office carries out a facilitative role with a wide range of research funding agencies and organizations locally, nationally and internationally with particular focus on Canada’s three national granting councils – the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.