Office of the Registrar
General Information (2009/2010)
6.9 Human Resources, Department of

  • Director
  • Hollett, L., B.A. McMaster, M.I.R. Toronto, CHRP
  • Associate Director
  • Horlick, C., B.Comm. Memorial
  • Manager - Recruitment and Compensation
  • Clarke, M., B.Comm. Memorial
  • Manager - Finance and Payroll
  • Hatcher, C.
  • Manager - Organizational Development
  • Barker, R., B.Comm. Memorial, M.B.A. Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
  • Manager - Benefits and Pensions
  • Roberts, G., B.Sc. Memorial
  • Manager - Administration and Systems Integration
  • Mullett, B.
  • Manager - Employee Relations
  • Curran, L., B.A., B.B.A., Memorial, CHRP
  • Manager - Human Resources (Medicine)
  • Wooley, E., B.Comm. Memorial
  • Acting Team Lead - Advisory Services
  • Norman, J., B.B.A. St. Francis Xavier, CHRP

The Department of Human Resources is more than payroll, pensions and benefits. The Department of Human Resources provide the foundation to advance and maintain a strong institutional culture that values the contributions of all within the organization. This culture is based on clear values that are accepted and put into practice by all: the principles of respect, recognition, support, equity and fairness, effective leadership, recruitment and retention, learning and development, work-life balance (including health and wellness) and career opportunity. Human Resources work to provide optimal service delivery to clients and ensure best practices in internal processes through measurement. Through a long-term strategy in Human Resources, Memorial University of Newfoundland continues to implement the people development strategy (mentoring, succession, coaching, leadership and career development), transfer knowledge to new employees, meet employment equity targets, improve employee satisfaction, and enhance connections prior to and into retirement. Complete details and contact information is available at about.