Office of the Registrar
General Information (2009/2010)
6.5 Facilities Management, Department of

  • Director
  • Miles, D., P.Eng.
  • Assistant Director (Development and Renewal)
  • Hiscock, K., P.Eng.
  • Assistant Director (Operations and Maintenance)
  • Marsh, W.
  • Manager of Administrative Services
  • Whelan, C.
  • Manager of Campus Enforcement and Patrol
  • Browne, J.
  • Manager of Custodial Services
  • Budden, K.
  • Manager of Safety and Environmental Services
  • Boyd, C.

The founders of Memorial University of Newfoundland dedicated the University itself as a living memorial to those who served in the two world wars. Guided by this heritage and mission, the Department of Facilities Management embraces its responsibility to maintain, protect, and further develop the University’s major infrastructure. The Department's team is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all of its operations including facilities engineering and development, central utilities, energy systems and controls, custodial services, building services and grounds, campus enforcement and patrol, sustainability, administrative services and space planning and administration.