Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (2009/2010)
5.5 Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering Program Regulations
5.5.1 Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering Major
Table 9 Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering Major


Required Courses

Elective Courses

Engineering One

Students who are expecting to complete the Engineering One requirements during the first two semesters may apply to undertake a work term during the Spring semester. In this case, the prerequisite course ENGI 200W must be completed during the Winter semester.

Fall Academic Term 3

  • ENGI 200W (if not completed during Engineering One).
  • 3 credit hours from: ENGI 3901, 3911


001W or 002W

Spring Academic Term 4

Focus Stream Elective *


001W or 002W or 003W

Winter Academic Term 5


002W or 003W or 004W

Fall Academic Term 6


003W or 004W or 005W (optional)

Spring Academic Term 7

  • ENGI 7045
  • Focus Stream Elective *


004W or 005W (optional) or 006W (optional)

Winter Academic Term 8

*Focus Stream Electives:

The courses in the Focus Stream allow a student to pursue a specialization in an area of interest. The area can be in engineering, the sciences, the arts and humanities or business. Students will plan their own focus stream, with approval by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies upon the recommendation of the Discipline Chair of Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering.

In reviewing the plan for the stream, the Faculty will be looking for clear educational goals by each student, with increasingly advanced courses in the topic area. The stream is not meant to be a series of random free electives, and especially not a series of introductory courses. The stream will enable students to complete a significant part of a minor in almost any subject. Students are encouraged to take the required additional courses to complete such a minor. Interdisciplinary experience and education is increasingly valuable and this focus stream opportunity will provide our graduates with unique and special knowledge.