Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Arts (2009/2010)
5.7 Diploma in English as a Second Language

Program Co-ordinator: J. Benger, Department of English Language and Literature

This program prepares students for positions in private language schools and community colleges in Canada and overseas, working primarily with adults whose first language is not English. The Diploma combines expertise from the Department of English Language and Literature, the Department of Linguistics, and the Faculty of Education. The required courses provide a solid understanding of the characteristics and needs of adult ESL learners.

5.7.1 Admission Requirements

Admission to the Diploma Program in ESL is limited and competitive. A high level of English language proficiency is required. Students are advised to notify the program coordinator of their intention to apply for admission into this program. Formal application is made through the Office of the Registrar, normally in the second semester of the student's second year of study.

5.7.2 Program of Study

Students are required to complete a minimum of 27 credit hours of course work, including: 15 credit hours in language courses in English and/or Linguistics, 6 credit hours of Education studies, 6 credit hours of instructional field placement (Practicum). This practicum will acquaint students through observation and practice with Teaching English as a Second Language to adult learners.

5.7.3 Course List