Office of the Registrar
General Information (2008/2009)
9.3 Course Development (Design, Development and Delivery)

DELT combines the expertise of specialists including Instructional Designers, Multi-media specialists, Video Producers, Publications Specialists, etc. to work closely with academic units and professors to develop, manage and deliver the University's distance education programs in a manner conducive to instruction via distance. All functions encourage and support innovative teaching practices through the application of instructional technologies in both on-campus teaching and distance education.

Within this function, DELT provides a wide range of professional media development, production, post-production, and distribution services. Video services include broadcast-quality studio and mobile facilities, and production services such as digital cameras, AVID non-linear editing, digitization, international standards conversion, tape and DVD production, distribution and the Internet. Multimedia specialties include print layout and design, illustration, television graphics and animation, 3D visualization, and web design. Technical staff offer consultation, design, installation and maintenance services for multimedia teaching facilities.

Classroom Support Services provides multimedia and audiovisual support for teaching on-campus as well as the design of smart classrooms and/or the implementation of technologies in the classroom.

Further information on media production services may be obtained by telephone to (709) 737-7575 or by fax to (709) 737-4635.