Office of the Registrar
General Information (2008/2009)
10.22 Ocean Engineering Research Centre (OERC)
  • Administration
  • Qiu, W., B.Eng., M.A.Sc. Dalian University of Technology, Ph.D. Dalhousie, P.Eng., Associate Professor, Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering; Acting Director
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Gosse, J.

Scope And Objectives

The Ocean Engineering Research Centre (OERC) is an integral part of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland and has contributed to the success of the Faculty's research and academic programs.

The overall goal of the OERC is to generate research activity that has high potential for impact. The OERC draws upon faculty expertise and its relationships with industry, other research institutes, and branches of government to create networks of people who share common goals. The scope of applied research and consulting activities carried out by members of the OERC is broad, including ocean engineering related to the offshore, marine transportation, and fishing industries. In addition to faculty experience, the OERC operates a 58 metre long towing tank with wave generation capabilities.


The St. John's marine research community is vibrant and collaborative. Within the University the Centre maintains ties with C-CORE (by joint appointments of faculty and collaborative projects), with the Ocean Science Centre and the Fisheries and Marine Institute. Similar ties are maintained with the Institute for Ocean Technology (IOT) of the National Research Council, which is located adjacent to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science on the University campus. The Centre collaborates with and serves various small and large private sector firms with ocean engineering interests. The Centre works with Oceanic Consulting Corporation to provide marine performance evaluation services to the world's oceans industries. An alliance between the University, NRC and Marineering Limited of St. John's, Oceanic uses the ocean engineering capabilities and facilities of the University and NRC to support clients and projects around the world.