Office of the Registrar
General Information (2008/2009)
10.21 Newfoundland Quarterly
  • Sullivan, J., Managing Editor
  • Newfoundland Quarterly Foundation Board
  • O'Brien, P., Chair
  • Bartlett, L.
  • Blackwood, D.
  • Bradley, D.
  • Fraser, J.
  • Gosse, C.
  • Maloney, A., Honorary Life Member
  • Meisen, A.
  • O'Neill, F.
  • Skanes, V.
  • Sparkes, R.
  • Aspects Editor
  • Bishop-Sterling, T.

The Newfoundland Quarterly, a journal established in 1901, focuses on the arts, culture, history, industry and people of Newfoundland and Labrador. This journal is published by the Newfoundland Quarterly Foundation Board, a not-for-profit charitable foundation. Owned by Memorial University of Newfoundland, the Newfoundland Quarterly features contributions from the province's top writers and visual artists as well as writings by our most prominent people. Many contributors have a presence on the national and international stage. The Newfoundland Quarterly can be contacted by telephone at (709) 737-2426, or email, or through the website at