Office of the Registrar
General Information (2008/2009)
10.9 Fisheries Conservation Group
  • Head
  • Rose, G.A., B.Sc. Guelph, M.Sc. Laurentian, Ph.D. McGill; Cross appointed with Department of Biology
  • Chief Technician
  • Fudge, S.B., B.Sc. Memorial
  • Research Associate
  • Mello, L.G.S., B.Sc. Rio Grande, M.Sc. UQAR, Ph.D. Memorial

The Fisheries Conservation Group is an academic unit initially created at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1996 as an NSERC Industrial Research Chair to develop an independent fisheries research program to complement Government programs and provide an integrative focus for fisheries research at the University. The Group now conducts research and training in fisheries science and conservation, with students in the M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in biology and behavioural ecology, the M.M.S. program in marine science and fisheries, and the M.Env.Sc. program in environmental sciences.

The Fisheries Conservation Group works independently with both the Provincial Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture and the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans in conducting research on the Newfoundland and Labrador fisheries. The Group also undertakes extensive international collaborations with marine research groups around the world, and has trained scientists now working in more than 10 countries.

A focus of the Group is the use of high-technology in the study of marine ecosystems and the conservation of fisheries, with a focus on acoustics, telemetry, and GIS applications. More information can be garnered on the group at