Office of the Registrar
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (2007/2008)
4.2 Designated Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis Courses (QRA)
  • Arts
  • Philosophy 2210, 3110
  • Fine Arts
  • None
  • Science
  • Biochemistry 1430
  • Biology 2250, 2600
  • Chemistry (All courses with the exception of Chemistry 1900)
  • Computer Science (All courses)
  • Earth Science 2150
  • Environmental Science (All courses with the exception of: 1000, 2360, 2370, 2371, 3072 and 4000)
  • Forestry 1010, 1011, 2225
  • Mathematics (All courses)
  • Statistics (All courses)
  • Physics (All courses)


  1. Courses will be designated Writing courses by the Academic Studies Committee. A Writing course is a course in which a minimum of 30 percent of the course grade involves a specific component consisting of written work on which students will receive feedback. For the purpose of this regulation, the final examination will not be counted as part of the evaluated Writing component.

  2. Courses will be designated Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis by the Academic Studies Committee. The Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis (QRA) Requirement is intended to help students develop a degree of appreciation of numerical, statistical and/or symbolic modes of representation, as well as an appreciation of the analysis, interpretation and broader quantitative application of such representations.