Office of the Registrar
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (2007/2008)
9.6 Articulation Agreement With the College of the North Atlantic
9.6.1 For Graduates of the Three-Year Environmental Technology Diploma Program

Students who have graduated from the three-year Environmental Technology Diploma Program offered by the College of the North Atlantic, or who are in their final semester of this program, can apply for entry with advanced standing into the Environmental Science Degree Program offered at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College. Upon admission to the university, such students will enter the second year of either stream of the Environmental Science Degree Program.

They will be given unspecified credit for 45 credit hours towards the 120 credit-hour degree program. Included in these 45 credit hours will be 9 credit hours for unspecified writing courses, of which 6 credit hours will be at the 1000 level and three will be at the 2000 level. In addition, 6 of these credit hours will be for unspecified credit at the 2000 level satisfying Group B, breadth of knowledge requirement.

Students gaining entry into the Environmental Science Degree Program at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College will need to satisfy all other core program requirements specified for Grenfell degree programs. As well, they will need to satisfy all other course requirements specified for their specific stream in Environmental Science.

Upon admission into the second year of the Environmental Science Degree Program, students will be required to complete the following:

  • Core Program Requirements:
  • Six credit hours from Group A Breadth of Knowledge Requirement
  • 21 credit hours in additional designated Writing (W) courses which may include Environmental Science core and stream courses
  • Environmental Science Core:
  • Biology 2600 (W)
  • Environmental Science 4000 (W)
  • Environmental Science 4950 (W) (students who intend to complete the honours option will complete Environmental Science 4951 (W) and Environmental Science 4959 (W))
  • Statistics 2550 or equivalent
    • At least two of:
    • Anthropology 3083
    • Economics 2010
    • Environmental Studies 3000
    • Philosophy 2809 (W)
    • Political Science 3731, 3550
    • Religious Studies 3880 (W)
  • Biology Stream:
  • Biology 2010, 2122 (W)
  • Chemistry 2300 or 2440 or 2400/2401
  • Environmental Science 3110, 3130, 3131, 4132, 4140 (or an equivalent field course)
  • Six credit hours from Environmental Science 4069, 4131, 4133, 4240, 4479 (Honours students must complete 9 credit hours from this list)
  • Three credit hours in an additional science or statistics laboratory course at the 2000 level or higher, excluding Environmental Science core courses