Office of the Registrar
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (2007/2008)
5.3 Minor

A minimum of 24 credit hours must be completed in a single discipline or interdisciplinary area other than that of the Major. Minors are available in the following areas:

  • Division of Arts: Classics, English, Historical Studies, Humanities, Philosophy, Religious Studies
  • Division of Social Science: Business, Canadian Studies, Environmental Studies, Folklore, Geography, Psychology, Social/Cultural Studies, Sociology; Tourism Studies
  • Division of Fine Arts: Art History
  • Division of Science: Environmental Science, Mathematics, Science

A candidate must follow the requirements for the Minor program as set forth in the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College section of the University Calendar.

As an alternative to a Minor, a second Major may be completed and students must meet all general and departmental or program regulations for both Majors.

Any student enrolled in the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College BA Degree with a Major in English who has completed the BFA (Theatre) Degree at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College will be considered to have fulfilled the requirements for a Minor in Theatre.