Office of the Registrar
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (2007/2008)
3.8 Statement of Academic Purpose

Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, as part of Memorial University of Newfoundland, is a four year undergraduate degree granting institution offering a liberal education in arts and science and a professional education in nursing, theatre and visual arts. In addition, the College continues to accommodate students who wish to complete their degrees at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's or at universities elsewhere.

At Sir Wilfred Grenfell College a liberal education means a critical and open-minded pursuit of knowledge providing students with the intellectual tools to enable them to respond to a rapidly changing world. A liberal education marks the start of preparation for a career and it may lead to graduate work in a number of fields. In a broader sense it is intended to build a foundation for social, cultural and recreational interests that will help students move toward a meaningful personal and professional life. Academically, the aim of Sir Wilfred Grenfell College is to enable students to be open to new ways of thinking and to gain a lasting intellectual self-confidence so that they may have both the ability and the desire to be life-long learners.

At Sir Wilfred Grenfell College the goal of high quality education is reflected in the following commitments:

  1. to teach students in a variety of challenging contexts and in general provide them with a personalized learning environment;

  2. to maintain high academic standards;

  3. to foster excellence in teaching, to encourage scholarship, research, performance and artistic endeavour, and to engage students, where appropriate, in these activities.