Office of the Registrar
University Regulations (2007/2008)
3 Academic Advising

During their period of study at the University, students are expected to make some very important academic decisions, the consequences of which can significantly affect the course of their academic careers. While the responsibility for making these decisions rests with students individually, they are not expected to make such decisions without access to sound academic advice.

Students should seek advice on matters such as course selection, registration, dropping/adding course registrations, selecting/changing an academic program, entrance requirements for degree programs and interpretation of university regulations. It is especially true that students in the early stages of their degree program should seek academic advice.

Students who are considering enroling at the University or who are in their first year of study at the University or who have not declared an academic program can obtain academic advice from the following sources: those students attending the St. John's Campus should contact the Academic Advising Centre, Office of the Registrar, located in the Science Building room SN 4053, at (709) 737-8801; those students attending the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College campus should contact the Senior College Academic Adviser at the Office of the Registrar, located in the Arts and Science Building in room AS 270, at (709) 637-6298.

Students who have declared their major or have been accepted to a School or Faculty can obtain academic advice from a faculty adviser assigned by their School/Faculty/Department. Students should contact the head of the relevant academic unit to be assigned a faculty adviser.

Students are also encouraged to approach their professors for academic advice or for referral to the appropriate source of advice.

While it is the responsibility of students to see that their academic programs meet regulations in all respects, academic advice is provided as a service of the University.