Office of the Registrar
University Regulations (2007/2008)
2.6 Challenge for Credit

Memorial University of Newfoundland recognizes that some students may have achieved competence in certain subject areas through experience gained elsewhere. This experience, which may warrant consideration for academic credit at the undergraduate level, may consist of courses taken at "non-university" institutions or skills acquired from work or learning outside the university. It should be noted that challenge for credit is not offered for Work Terms or Internships.

Since course challenge is not offered by all academic units nor for all courses within a unit, students are advised to consult with the appropriate academic unit to determine whether or not a particular course is offered for challenge.

Where challenge for credit is offered, it is available under the following conditions:

  1. Challenge for credit is available only to those students who have applied for admission or who are currently registered at the University.

  2. Applications to challenge for credit are available at the Office of the Registrar. Completed applications must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar and must receive approval from the head of the academic unit offering the course(s). The academic unit may require documentary material from the student and/or an interview before making its decision whether or not to accept the challenge. The academic unit involved will be responsible for deciding the scheduling and appropriate method of evaluation, which may consist of a variety of possible modes of evaluation including written, practical and oral.

  3. A student who has applied for transfer credit evaluation may not apply to challenge for credit until the transfer credit evaluation has been completed.

  4. Memorial University of Newfoundland will consider for credit courses that have been granted credit through a challenge for credit process by another recognized university or college. Award of credit will be subject to University Regulations and evaluation and recommendation by the appropriate academic unit(s).

  5. For the purpose of satisfying the regulations residence requirements for a first degree and residence requirements for a second degree under General Academic Regulations (Undergraduate), a successful challenge for credit shall be considered the equivalent of a transfer credit and shall be recorded on the transcript as a pass (PAS). Challenge grades are not included in averages. For further information refer to Residence Requirements for a First Degree and Residence Requirements for a Second Degree

  6. The appropriate fee must be paid at the time of application. For further information refer to Fees and Charges. If the application is accepted for consideration, the fee is not refundable nor is the student permitted to withdraw the challenge.