Office of the Registrar
University Regulations (2007/2008)
2.4 English Language and Mathematics Placement Tests

In addition to the following, more detailed information regarding the English language and Mathematics placement tests is available from the Department of English Language and Literature and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics respectively.

2.4.1 English Language Placement Test
  1. With the exception of applicants who demonstrate English language proficiency under the regulations, English Language Proficiency Requirements, English Language Secondary Institution and English Language Post-Secondary Institution, all other applicants will be required to write a placement test in English language. This test must be taken prior to the commencement of classes to determine the appropriate English course for which an applicant should register. For further information concerning English language proficiency requirements refer to English Language Proficiency Requirements.

  2. Students whose performance in the placement test in English language indicates that appropriate placement is in English 102F will be required to register in, and successfully complete English 102F before registering in higher level courses in English.

2.4.2 Mathematics Placement Test
  1. Applicants intending to register for the first time in any 1000 level mathematics course must submit a score for either an Advanced Placement Calculus Examination or other standardized tests acceptable to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

  2. Students whose score in the Advanced Placement Calculus examination or other standardized test is not acceptable to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics will be required to register in a mathematics course determined by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.