Office of the Registrar
School of Nursing (2007/2008)
4.2 Program Regulations

One hundred eight credit hours are required for the completion of the degree. Forty-five unspecified transfer credit hours in Nursing are normally awarded on the basis of successful completion of a diploma program in Nursing.

Credit Hours in Nursing (42): 2040, 2230, 2700, 2740, 3023, 4002, 4010, 4310, 4701, 4702, 5210, 5220, and 5700.

Other Credit Hours (21):

  1. three credit hours of English

  2. three credit hours of Statistics 2500 (or equivalent), or Education 2900

  3. three credit hours of Philosophy from the 2800-2810 series or Religious Studies 2610

  4. twelve credit hours of electives. Of these, at least 6 should be at the 2000 level or above.


  1. Students should consult the Calendar and contact the appropriate Department for prerequisite requirements.

  2. The Committee on Undergraduate Studies, School of Nursing, may recommend that transfer credit (to a maximum of 6 credit hours) be awarded for certain post basic nursing courses/programs or for current Canadian Nurses Association certification.