Office of the Registrar
General Information (2007/2008)
10.21 The Maritime Studies Research Unit (MSRU)
  • Chair
  • Pope, P.E., Anthropology and History
  • Members
  • Baker, M., Records Management
  • Burton, V., History
  • Cadigan, S., History
  • Dickinson, A.B., International Program
  • Fischer, L., History
  • Hiller, J., History
  • Janzen, O., History; Sir Wilfred Grenfell College
  • Sanger, C., Geography
  • Walsh, V., Maritime History Archive
  • Wareham, H., Maritime History Archive

The MSRU is a research unit within the Faculty of Arts, whose purpose is to foster interdisciplinary research on maritime studies, understood as the interpretation of human behaviour in marine and coastal environments, in the past and to the present day. The Unit furthers this objective with workshops, colloquia, publications, and research projects and by providing advice and support to other units within the University. Membership in the MSRU is open to faculty and staff of Memorial University of Newfoundland with research interests in maritime studies. Other scholars with parallel interests, including graduate students in the University's Faculty of Arts, are eligible for associate membership. Currently, the MSRU has associate members in Canada, England, Nigeria, Scotland and the United States.