Office of the Registrar
General Information (2007/2008)
7 Student Affairs and Services

The Dean of Student Affairs and Services is the senior person responsible for the coordination and implementation of support services for students and serves as a liaison between the student body and university administration. The primary goal of the Dean is to promote a welcoming and supportive environment so that students are able to maximize their opportunities for learning and personal development. The Dean provides leadership and direction so that students' educational experiences are enriched by the provision of programs that respond to their intellectual, emotional, occupational, financial, personal, physical and social needs. The Dean is administratively responsible for the divisions of Career Development and Experiential Learning, Counselling, Student Health Service, Student Success Programs, University Bookstore, and Housing, Food and Conference Services. As an advocate for students, the Dean works collaboratively with all members of the university community to ensure that policies, procedures and programs foster the optimal development for all students.

7.1 Career Development and Experiential Learning

Career Development and Experiential Learning encompasses a broad range of programs designed to assist undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni of the University explore their career options. The department includes the Centre for Career Development, Cooperative Education Services Centre, Career Planning and the Student Volunteer Bureau.

7.1.1 Centre for Career Development

Career development encompasses a broad range of programs and services that help graduate and undergraduate students and alumni explore their career options. Through the provision of labour market information, employability skills workshops, individual consultations, and employment counselling the Centre for Career Development assists students to gain practical hands on career related experiences through graduate, summer and part-time employment.

The Centre serves as a drop-in centre designed to help students in such areas as gathering information relevant to educational and career goals, performing self-exploration of career-related interests, clarifying values, acquiring more effective decision-making strategies, and developing both short and long-term career plans. It offers workshops to maximize successful job search in the area of personal career development opportunities, resume writing, interview skills, career portfolio development and networking.

The Centre currently markets Memorial University of Newfoundland students to local, national and international employer groups and assists employers with their on-campus recruitment needs. Information sessions, career fairs, guest speakers, and a new mentoring program are provided to assist students to ease their transition to the world of work and gain practical career experience.

Position postings for summer, part-time and graduate employment are posted throughout the year at the Centre. Students are encouraged to check the Centre postings on a regular basis. The Centre for Career Development is located on the fourth floor of the Smallwood Centre in UC4002 and is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..

7.1.2 Co-operative Education Services Centre (CESC)

The Co-operative Education Services Centre (CESC) is responsible for providing a range of services common to all co-operative education programs at the University. This includes coordinating marketing initiatives on behalf of all co-op programs at the university; developing and maintaining business and government participation in the co-op programs; assisting the job placement process for more than 700 students per semester, encouraging the development of professional and scholarly skills pertinent to co-operative education; designing and implementing an integrated automated office information system, administering the Offshore Career Awards Program, the Small Enterprise Co-operative Placement Assistance Program (SECPAP).