Academic Programs Contacts

Office of Academic Programs 

Dr. Edith Furey 
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Intermediate Secretary, NAC
Dr. Rhonda Joy
Associate Dean, Graduate Programs & Research
Tina Hunt
Intermediate Secretary to Associate Deans
Denise Reynolds
Manager of the Office of Academic Programs
864-3403 Option
Katie Dwyer
Intermediate Secretary to the Manager of the Office of Academic Programs
864-3403 Option
Diana Joanes
Office of Academic Programs Secretary
864-3403 Option
Jillian Gosse
Academic Program Assistant
864-3403 Option
Darlene Flight
Academic Program Administrator 
864-3403 Option
Tammy Lynch
Undergraduate Admissions & Field Services Secretary
864-3403 Option
Roxanne McHugh
Academic Program Assistant, Undergraduate Admissions
864-3403 Option
Andrea Cojulun
Academic Program Assistant, Graduate Admissions
864-3403 Option
Sheri Roberts
Academic Program Administrator (Field Services)
864-3403 Option
Jacqueline Rideout
Co-ordinator (French Education Liaison)
Samantha Payne
Science Lab Instructor
General Enquiries864-3403 Option
Admissions Enquiries864-3403
#1 Undergraduate
#2 Graduate
Undergraduate Student Society
G. A. Hickman Building
864-3319Room E3022 
Graduate Student Society
G. A. Hickman Building
864-3125Room ED3007C
Mailing Address:Faculty of Education, Office of Academic Programs
G.A. Hickman Building
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL  A1B 3X8

Computer Technical Support Contacts

Dwayne Simmons
PC Consultant
Shawn Field
PC Consultant

Education Library Contacts

Beth Maddigan
CMC Librarian
Liza-Ann Tucker
CMC Library Assistant
Susan Fry
CMC Library Assistant
Krista Delaney
CMC Library Assistant
Maurice Barry
Project Co-ordinator

Research Staff, Special Projects Contacts

Susan Ryan
STEM Research Project
Sharon Power
STEM Research Project


Faculty of Education

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