Community Initiatives

Access Clinic

Access Clinic is a physician-mentored student initiative at MUN Med that aims to provide healthcare to under-served populations in the St. John's area.
Contact:   Joshua Dean

Her Health

Her Health is a student-run women's health initiative which aims to improve access to health-related information among immigrant and refugee women living in St. John's and surrounding areas. Through Her Health, we hope to contribute to the health of immigrant and refugee women in our community, while providing medical students the opportunity to participate in meaningful community engagement with a population that often faces many barriers to accessing health care and health-related information.

Contacts: Sarah HigdonMadison BorsellaDami AdekunleDakshita JagotaSarah Williams, & Sarah Devereaux

MUNMED Gateway

MUN Med Gateway is a service-based, volunteer learning program for medical learners at Memorial University, led by learners and supported through a partnership between the Faculty of Medicine, the Association for New Canadians (ANC) and Eastern Health. The purposes of Gateway are:

  • To improve access to medical care for refugees in the St. John’s area by providing pre-medical services, and
  • To train students in cross-cultural medicine and engage them in community action.

For more information, visit the website.

Contacts: Rosemary Stanoev & Jocelyn Adundo

Momma Moments (through MUN OB/GYN Interest Group)

Members of the MUN Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group (OGIG) have the opportunity to volunteer with Momma Moments once a month. Momma Moments is a fantastic program organized by Choices For Youth, during which young mothers come in with their children for a home-cooked meal and a safe and creative play space for their children. There is also a woman’s health clinic during these sessions, and previous OGIG volunteers have the opportunity to shadow these clinics. For more information, please visit:
If you are interested in participating with Momma Moments, please join the Facebook group (“MUN Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group (OGIG)”) and stay tuned for volunteer sign-up and schedules. Each session splits volunteers into preparing and serving meals and playing with the kids/arts and crafts. One student is allowed to shadow each week (this schedule is separate from the once-per-month volunteer schedule).
Contacts:   Claire Pratt
                 Jane Cooze

St. John's Baby Clothes Library

The St. John’s Baby Clothes Library aims to improve access to infant and toddler clothing for families in the St. John’s area while simultaneously having a positive environmental impact by reducing textile waste. Bundles of baby clothes are donated, laundered, and rented by Library members, who then return the clothes once the baby outgrows them. The cycle then repeats, allowing a new family to rent the clothing bundle for their child. Improving access to low-cost, up-cycled baby clothes is one way that medical students can help build a healthy tomorrow for children and families in our community.
Contact:   Lauren Winsor