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An image with text reading Mission: To Provide outstanding education and training to our postgraduate learners in an inclusive, respectful and safe environment, through effective administration, collaboration and coordination.

Thank you for your interest in Memorial University and its offerings of postgraduate training positions and programs. Our mission is simple:

We know this is a special place, full of opportunity to excel and explore. Memorial postgraduate diaspora are spread throughout Canada and the world and we are proud of their achievements.

Many of your past colleagues and alumni have decided to join our postgraduate community of learners and have decided to stay. We hope that you join us and come to appreciate our love for the programs, the people and the place that we call home.

An image with text reading Vision: A nation-leading postgraduate training hub offering integrated, accountable, evidence-based and systematic approaches to postgraduate training, supported by outstanding leaders, producing excellent physicians for today and tomorrow.

Below you will find relevant information surrounding what we offer at Memorial, our admissions requirements and the application process. Our frequently asked questions page will continue to be amended/evolve as we understand our applicants’ concerns.

Please note, this page does not apply to graduate learners and we invite you to visit the Graduate Studies pages within the Faculty of Medicine for further information.

S. Al-Asaaed | Associate Dean
Postgraduate Medical Education

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