Preparing for the Second Iteration of CaRMS

The Second Iteration

After the first iteration results become available, CaRMS will publish a list of vacant positions by school and discipline. Unmatched learners are encouraged to meet with the team at the Office of Learner Well-Being and Success, who will assist with strategizing an approach to the second iteration.

The second iteration timelines are relatively quick. The timeline details are made available on the CaRMS website (R1 Match Timeline).

Our Directors offers assistance with application preparation including CV revision and personal letter writing. The Office of Learner Well-Being and Success and UGME will work together to help learner manage any issues involving clerkship duties during this time. 

MSPRs may be updated to include information collected by UGME after the 1st iteration application deadline. Learners should contact the UGME office to indicate which version of the MSPR they would like to include in the 2nd iteration application.

There are often a limited number of disciplines available in the second round and some learners may feel there are no options left that they want to match to. The decision to match to a non-preferred program versus remaining unmatched and entering the first iteration of CaRMS the following year can be a difficult one. The Learner Well-Being and Successoffice offers support in this decision making process.

2nd iteration interviews

  • Interviews are offered soon after the application deadline.
  • Interviews are most often not in person. 
  • Candidates may still be ranked by a program if an interview is not offered, so learners are encouraged to rank all programs they apply to regardless of whether or not they were offered an interview.
  • Please contact our Directors of MedCAREERS to assist with timely organization of mock interviews.

The CMFS provides resources for unmatched Canadian Medical Graduates:

  • A mentorship network
  • MD Financial Management (MDFM), a CMA company, provides unmatched CMGs with $150 towards second iteration application costs. 
  • Follow this link to access CFMS resources.