CCHPE conducts extensive research and evaluation into a variety of health professional education topic areas.
Contact us when you need to evaluate an educational experience, whether it be a course, workshop, instructional innovation or an entire program.  We have evaluated programs at all levels of university education, including undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and continuing education.  Our projects have examined classroom learning, clinical instruction, and distance education via electronic media.

We can assume a lead role in designing and conducting an evaluation or education research project, or we can collaborate with you to provide only as much expertise as you require.  Our Services include:

  • Project Design:
    • needs assessment
    • development of program logic models
    • content analysis of courses or programs
    • literature review
    • experience with difficult patient cases or sensitive situations
    • search of internet data sources
  • Data Collection and Analysis:
    • survey instrument design for paper-based or electronic administration
    • focus groups
    • telephone and face-to-face interviews
    • literature review
    • quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Report Presentation:
    • written, verbal and electronic reporting

Interprofessional teamwork competencies: Design and development of educational programs

The Centre is able to draw on its professional expertise, years of experience, and network of resources to assist you in the design and development of training and education programs in the area of interprofessional teamwork competencies.

Examples of short courses and workshops include:

  • understanding interprofessional teamwork
  • planning interprofessional meetings
  • conducting interprofessional team meetings
  • group dynamics
  • conflict management & resolution
  • team development
  • valuing interprofessional teamwork

Contact the Centre for more information.