Placentia Health Centre has 75 long-term care beds and 10 in-patient beds. The long-term care patients and 40 residential housing units for seniors are part of the Lions Manor Nursing Home.
Services include 24-hour emergency care, chemotherapy, diabetes education and pastoral care. Routine laboratory and radiology services are provided on site and a mobile ultrasound service is available by appointment. Allied health services are shared with long-term care and other sites. These services include clinical nutrition, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech language pathology, respiratory therapy and social work. The ambulatory care services include EKG, holter monitoring, blood pressure nonitoring, intravenous medications and foot care.

The Fort Louis Medical Clinic is located on Main Road in the Lawton’s Drug Building, approximately 1 km away from the Placentia Health Centre. 

As a medical student/resident you have already received a Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services orientation in St. John’s.  As a result, medical students and residents are not required to redo the orientation while training elsewhere in the rural eastern region.

Community Overview

The population of the town and its catchment area is between 6,000 to 8,000 people depending on the industries peak times in the area.

General information about Placentia can be found at:

Transportation & Accommodations

There is no public transit in Placentia, however taxi services are available Busy Bee Cabs at 709-227-1600, Placentia Cabs at 709-227-9211 and Jude’s Cabs at 709-227-4999. 

Learners completing training in either the hospital or clinic are provided accommodations whenever possible. For more information about accommodations, please contact the APA for Placentia at

Contact Information
Placentia Health Centre Switchboard: 709-227-2061

If you require the contact information or additional information about Placentia, please connect with the APA for Placentia at