Faculty of Medicine

Memorial University’s Faculty of Medicine is committed to providing the highest standard of medical education and supporting health research with the goal of advancing the health of the people and communities we serve. 

We are leaders in rural medical education and have received national and international awards and recognition. As the only medical school in Newfoundland and Labrador, research that focuses on the need of our communities is a priority. Ground-breaking research has provided important medical discoveries, which have led to improved medical interventions and patient care.


Three learners in the Faculty of Medicine picked up a little something extra when they crossed the stage during convocation ceremonies last week.

Drs. Christie Costello, Lisa Fang and Alison Haynes are being recognized for their leadership and academic excellence with three of the university’s highest convocation honours.

Memorial University spring graduate Dr. Adil Al-Mehiawi was inspired to help people from an early age.

Originally from Iraq, his family moved to Libya in 1998 shortly after his birth to escape war. In 2010 they moved to Ontario, but returned the following year at the start of the Libyan civil war and revolution.

Coming to Memorial was a leap of faith for Ellis Lakhani.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in public health in South Africa in 2019, she was preparing to move to Canada for her master’s degree when the pandemic put an end to those plans.