Diseases associated with Obesity

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Sukhinder Cheema Cardio-protective effects of marine products

Sherri L Christian


We are interested in understanding how and why obesity is associated with increased risk of breast cancer. This link is particular true for patients with a sub-type of breast cancer, called triple-negative breast cancer, which does not have any  targetted therapy (ie. no magic bullet). Currently, we are trying to find the proteins made by fat cells that can cause breast cancer to progress. sherri.christian@mun.ca
Graham Fraser My lab aims to quantify mass transport of oxygen, nutrients, and other biologically active molecules from the vascular compartment into living tissue.  We are working to understand the integrated mechanisms behind blood flow regulation from the arteriolar level, through to capillary networks, and the constituent venous vasculature.    My research is focusing on inflammatory disease and its impact on blood flow in capillary networks and the resulting defects to oxygen delivery, and glucose/insulin transport in skeletal muscle.  We use rodent models and intravital video microscopy to quantitatively study vascular conditions in health, sepsis, type 2 diabetes, preeclampsia, and hypertension. graham.fraser@med.mun.ca
Michiru Hirasawa

Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a rare genetic disorder with symptoms that typically include morbid obesity, severe appetite, developmental delay, impaired reproductive function and psychiatric disorders. We are investigating how dysfunction of the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that controls body weight and reproduction, underlies some of these symptoms. michiru@mun.ca
Guang Sun Identification of nutritional, hormonal and genetic factors involved in the development of human obesity and its comorbidities and interactions of these factors in promoting or reducing obesity at individual or group levels. gsun@mun.ca
Jacqueline Vanderluit Research in my lab is examining the effect of obesity on the cellular response to a stroke to explore how the regenerative potential of the brain to repair itself is affected by obesity. jvander@mun.ca