Checklist for New Faculty

Checklist for new faculty members

Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University (MUN)!  The following checklist contains useful information for faculty members starting their appointment in the Faculty of Medicine:

Email Account

All faculty members in the Faculty of Medicine are eligible for a MUN email.  To get your MUN email account setup, contact Information Technology Services. To reach the ITS Service Desk:

A MUN account gives you access to the online library and other services. Your account offers access to a wide variety of information and services, e.g., employee services.

Personal Data Form

The Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Medicine and the Human Resources Department collect information from faculty members for the maintenance of the Faculty of Medicine database, webpage, telephone directory, and for payroll purposes. The collected information is used in accordance with privacy regulations.

Please complete the Personal Data Form and email to

Completion of PHIA Training

All faculty members are required to complete the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) online training module.  For information, please check with your Discipline Chair.

Completion of MUN Oath/Affirmation of Confidentiality Form

All faculty members are required to complete the MUN Oath/Affirmation of Confidentiality and return the completed copy to the Dean’s Office. A Commissioner of Oaths must witness your form. There is a Commissioner of Oaths in most offices, including the Dean of Medicine Office.

Requesting a MUN Campus Card

A MUN Campus Card is needed for identification purposes and gain access to certain buildings.

To request your card, faculty members email  Your employee number and name should be included in your email.  The subject line should be “Employee Card Request.” If this is your first employee card, please attach your photo to the email (your photo should be similar to a passport photo).  You will receive an email when your card is ready for pickup.

On Campus Parking

Parking spots at the University are in high demand.  As parking is limited on St. John’s Campus, the Parking Office encourages all vehicle owners to consider alternative methods of transportation to Campus, such as public transit and carpooling.

You may request a parking permit through the Parking Office, located in the Facilities Management building (see campus map). New faculty members will need to show a letter of appointment and their vehicle registration.  For more information, contact

Important Contacts