Current Projects

Current Projects

Health Research Innovation Team in Multiple Sclerosis (HITMS)

Working with Dr. Craig Moore and Dr. Mark Stefanelli, our objective is to track MS annually for ten years using innovative methods in a cross-disciplinary team. We will identify novel biomarkers and disease targets to limit progression in MS. Specific research questions:
1. Can we identify novel cellular mechanisms responsible for promoting inflammation in MS?
2. Do these markers relate to changes in brain imaging, cognitive/physical performance, drug therapy, and/or disease relapse and progression?
3. Does brain atrophy and excitability of the brain correlate with subtle deficits in cognitive/physical performance such as dual-task ability (walking and thinking at the same time)?
Participants will be enrolled and data will be updated annually during regularly scheduled visits to the MS clinic (or in the event of a change in the participant's clinical status/medications). The study duration is anticipated to continue for at least 10 years (2015-25). 
The following data profiles will be captured for each study participant:

Please see our brochure for more information about the HITMS project

We are a provincial site for the FLOW trial, a national clinical trial funded by Brain Canada, and Heart and Stroke Foundation Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery.
This multi-year trial aims to recruit 176 stroke patients across multiple (5-10) sites in Canada. Half of the participants will be given fluoxetine (Prozac) while the other half will be given placebo. All participants will undergo a 12-week structured exercise program while they are on drug/placebo. All study participants will undergo evaluation at baseline, immediately following the exercise program, and 6 months post-intervention.
For more information see the study protocol here.

Recent Publications



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