DME Accommodations

When learners complete core rotations in a site outside their home base, they are provided living accommodations during their rotation. The Distributed Medical Education (DME) office strives to provide safe and secure living accommodations, which are procured through public tendering and include verification inspections of the property. Please see Supporting Learners for an overview of accommodation guidelines for medical learners.  

There are currently 68 bedspaces leased by the Faculty of Medicine for medical learners completing rotations in distributed sites. There are several short-term bedspaces secured by private accommodation to accommodate the needs of our learners and group rotation requirements.

Landlords can view Tendering for long-term leases or Short Term Rentals for more information.

Learner Responsibilities

Learners are responsible for their own personal items, including toiletries, cleaning supplies, and food. There are no cleaning services during a learners' stay. All learners are asked to be professional and considerate of other learners who may be sharing the property, including general tidying of shared spaces and respectful living.
For learners who wish to learn more about living accommodations, please view the Accommodations Policy or the community details which you are visiting. 

COVID-19 Accommodations Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, learners staying in Faculty of Medicine living accommodations are asked to assist with the following enhanced protocols: 

1. Be respectful of any learners sharing the living accommodations. Practice social distancing and limit any visitors to the property. 

2. While at the property, please ensure that you are frequently sanitizing the entryway, kitchen, and bathroom of the property. Any high traffic or high touch areas should be wiped down often, including doorknobs, light switches, fridge handles, coffee pot, microwave, etc.

3. Be cognizant of items that are taken out of the house each day and returned, such a purse, lunch bag, reusable shopping bags, gym gear, etc. Sanitize when possible, especially if left in common areas. 

4. On your departure, we suggest that you put all linens and towels in the washer, in addition to ensuring that the usual behaviors expected of you, i.e., removing from the fridge, cupboards, and that garbage from the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are deposited in outside bins.