Medical Instruments

As part of Orientation Week, medical learners will be given a presentation from Brandon Hunt, Territory Manager of Medical Mart. During this session, learners will be advised of all the necessary equipment required for their upcoming clinical skills sessions. A complete set of medical equipment will include a stethoscope, a diagnostic kit, a blood pressure cuff, and a few extras such as a tuning fork, reflex hammer, eye chart, and penlight. Learners should expect that a complete set of medical equipment will cost around $1000.00 - note that NB learners will have most provided by the government of NB.

There are often many questions about the need for medical equipment and the following information is provided to help decide what to purchase at this time:

  • All medical learners must have a good stethoscope.
  • The diagnostic kit is expensive, but in order for learners to become competent in skills, it is needed for their practice. Though clinical skills teaching rooms do have diagnostic kits on the walls, only one learner can use them at a time. It is also important for learners to know that not all clinical skills sessions will take place in the clinical skills teaching rooms. Learners will need to have the necessary equipment in the event that their sessions are held outside of the regular teaching space. It is suggested that learners who do not wish to purchase their diagnostic kit new try and find one second-hand. There are also less expensive models available. They will likely be of lower quality but will serve your needs while in medical school.
  • The blood pressure cuff is also available in the clinical skills teaching area, however, they are also useful to have and good for practice.

Attendance at clinical skills sessions is mandatory. During physical exams, learners are expected to arrive with their own stethoscope and all other necessary equipment. The diagnostic set and blood pressure cuff will be available in the clinical skills teaching rooms during these sessions, however, they can only be used by one learner at a time.