Electives can be used to explore a specific specialty in order to see if it is a good match for you. The Electives and Selectives Coordinators also give an information session on 'Electives and Selectives' each year.

The Selective Experience – One Pager

The Progression to Postgraduate Experience – One Pager

For questions regarding arrangement of electives and selectives, please email ugme.electives@med.mun.ca.

The AFMC Student Portal 

To facilitate application for visiting electives, AFMC has developed the Student Portal where learners can register and see what electives are available as well as information regarding processes, cancellation dates, etc. The Portal will roll out at different times for each university.

AFMC has a number of useful videos to help you navigate the portal. 

These videos will enable you to:

  • outline the visiting electives applications procedures for Canadian medical schools.
  • find the Canadian medical school websites and contact the appropriate personnel for further information on visiting electives opportunities at each school.
  • recognize the time-sensitive nature of application submission, cancellation and other deadlines.
  • identify that certain behaviours (e.g., double-booking, not following cancellation deadlines, forbidden preceptor contact for electives planning purposes) may reflect negatively on a learner's professional record.
  • delineate the purpose and benefit of the AFMC Student Portal.

Elective Guidance

Our LWS Directors are available to provide advice regarding elective choices. Learners can request an appointment throught the Navigate App or contact medadvising@mun.ca. Learners are also encouraged to seek advice from senior medical learners, residents and preceptors.

(Starting with the Class of 2025, all learners will be assigned an LWS Director who may provide learners with elective advice.)