Current Board Members

Membership as of September 2021

Chair:  Dr. Shabnam Asghari, Professor and Research Director, Center for Rural Health Studies, Discipline of Family Medicine -  Appointed by the Dean of Medicine from membership

Elected Members:

BioMedical Sciences:
• Dr. Jules Dore
• Dr. Ken Kao

Clinical Sciences:
• Dr. Shabnam Asghari
• Dr. Lesa Dawson

Community Health and Humanities:
• Dr. Zheiwei Gao
• Dr. Yanqing Yi

Ex-Officio Members:
Dr. Margaret Steele, Dean of Medicine
Dr. Dolores McKeen, Vice Dean, Education and Faculty Affairs
Dr. Reza Tabrizchi, Vice Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
Dr. Michael Grant, Associate Dean of Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Brenda Wilson, Associate Dean of Community Health and Humanities
President of the Medical Graduate Students Society
President of the Medical Student Society
Mr. Paul Tucker, Cheif Operating Officer, Faculty of Medicine
Ms. Angela Dunn, Research Manager, Faculty of Medicine
Mr. Dennis Dillon, Development Officer, Faculty of Medicine