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The first simulation program at the Faculty of Medicine started with the use of Standardized Patients in 1991. Ten years later, the Faculty of Medicine purchased its first Human Patient Simulator, and the High-Fidelity Simulation Program was born. Since then, the units within the CLSC have trained hundreds of healthcare professionals in a variety of simulation settings and conducted hundreds of simulation-based training encounters. CLSC participants include various levels of learners (undergraduate, graduate, resident and practitioner) from a variety of disciplines, including not only Medicine but also Nursing, Pharmacy and more.

Some of our available resources and features include:

  • Twenty clinical skills teaching clinics with an inner hallway used for viewing with one-way glass 
  • Four high fidelity simulation rooms
  • Two debrief rooms
  • Five-station faculty monitor room
  • Five-station Surgical Skills Laboratory
  • High fidelity manikins and a large number of low fidelity task trainers for a variety of skill-based activities

All areas of the centre are organized by a software solution with digital video and audio capture as well as archiving and retrieval capabilities.

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