Recovery and Performance Laboratory

The Recovery and Performance Laboratory (RaP Lab)
Room 400, L.A. Miller Centre, 100 Forest Rd.
St. John's, NL Canada
A1A 1E5
phone: (709) 777-2082

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Our equipment

We have adapted equipment such as the Pneu-weight body weight supported treadmill and the NuSTEP recumbent stepper for aerobic training in neurological populations.

We use transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to discover how the brain and neural systems work in people living with MS and stroke survivors. We pair this technology with the Brainsight™ neuronavigation system in order to guide the TMS coil. Brainsight™ allows TMS to be navigated and positioned over a specified target location based on an individual’s MRI image or MRI generated 3D curvilinear reconstruction of the brain.

We measure cardiorespiratory fitness and EMG variables with the MOXUS modular VO2 system.

We measure walking, jumping and balance kinetic variables using a 4” X 14” Zenowalkway with software by Protokinetics ( Wireless inclinometers, integrated with the walkway, detect the trunk and limb angles.

We use the Actiheart to record heart rate, Inter-Beat-Interval (IBI), and physical activity. This portable, light-weight waterproof unit is designed for capturing Heart Rate Variable data and for calculating and measuring Activity Energy Expenditure.

We have a full complement of clinical measures of function that we use such as the Action Research Arm test, Wolf Motor Function test, strength dynamometer and Box and Blocks.

We collaborate with other researchers and their laboratories to measure levels of neurotrophins and inflammatory markers in peripheral blood (Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine).