Academic Awards

University Medals for Academic Excellence 

The University Medals are awarded on the basis of academic excellence. Only one medal may be awarded in any discipline, in any academic year. The academic year, for the purpose of these regulations, included the Spring and immediately preceding Fall Convocations. The medals are awarded by the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards and if, in any year, no candidate in a discipline is considered deserving, no medal will be awarded in that discipline.
The following criteria will govern the awarding of University Medals:

In the Faculty of Medicine, a learner must:

  • be a candidate for the professional degree of the Faculty or School;
  • not already hold a baccalaureate or its equivalent in the same subject area from this or another institution of higher learning.
  • have completed, as a student at this University, at least 50% of the courses required for the degree;
  • be judged to be an outstanding student in the professional studies of the Faculty or School, and be nominated to the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarship, Bursaries and Awards by the Dean, Director or Department Head, as appropriate.

This medal is distributed during the main campus Convocation Ceremony each year. 

Dean's List

Learners in all four phases of medical school are automatically eligible and considered for the Dean's List, so long as they meet the folllowing criteria: 

  • Place in the top 10% of their class overall average

    • The average of all numerical grades for the Phase considered – including NBME grades for Phase 3 learners.

  • Have demonstrated professionalism in their program

  • Completed all courses in their phase

  • Obtained a GPA of 3.50 or higher and a final numeric average grade of no less than 80.00% - letter grade of A)

    • Grades and GPA are examined to the second decimal place and not rounded up.

  • Obtained no more than three final numeric grades less than 80.00% (letter grade of B or lower)

  • Have not committed an academic offense, as outlined in 6.12 Academic Misconduct

  • The maximum number of selected learners for each year’s Dean’s List is 32. If any more than this qualify, they will be determined by average ranking (highest being awarded).

    The Dean's List selections are announced at the Graduation Gala each year. Those selected will be notified, prior to this date.