Welcome to the Class of 2027!

A complete schedule of Orientation Week sessions and activities is coming soon. Keep reading for a sneak peek at the kinds of support and information sessions you can expect during your upcoming Orientation Week.

MUN Medicine Welcome Session
Sit back and let us welcome you as you start your new journey as a medical student at Memorial University. This is an opportunity for you to meet your classmates, as well as the staff and faculty who will be supporting you along the way. Hear from the interim Dean of Medicine, Dr. Dolores McKeen, Associate Dean, Learner Well-Being and Success, Dr. Greg Radu, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, Dr. Taryn Hearn, as well as members of the O-Week Committee who will be on hand to help guide you through your first week of medical school.  

Student Health Nurse Session
Get to know Public Health Nurse, Missy Power as she walks you through the Faculty of Medicine’s immunization requirements and other aspects of Memorial’s Student Health program.

Environmental Health and Safety Session
Have you downloaded the MUNSafe App yet? This health and safety session will provide everything you need to know about staying safe and up-to-date on everything going on around campus.

Medical Instruments Presentation 
Time to put away that Fisher-Price Stethoscope and pick up a real one! Medical supply representatives will be on hand to answer all your questions about medical equipment and provide you with the opportunity to order your first new set of medical supplies. Your first real decision of the year… what colour stethoscope will you get?

Anatomical Gift Program Session
The basis of so much medical knowledge is anatomy, which is best learned through the study of the human body. Join Dr. Patricia Cousins of MUN’s Medical Laboratories unit and learn all about this indispensable part of your medical training.

Financial Fair
Representatives from the major financial institutions will be on hand to provide direct information about their respective offerings, products, and more. 

Canadian Medical Association Session
The CMA unites the medical profession in Canada to improve the health of Canadians and strengthen the health care system. Hear directly from Melanie Sterling, a CMA representative, as well as representatives from the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association, and learn everything you need to know as a new member. 

Health and Well-Being Panel
Medical school is a lot of work and it’s important to strike a healthy work-life balance. Join Learner Well-Being and Success to learn about all the support available to you as a MUN medical learner.

Campus/Building/Lab Tours
We’re back on campus this fall and we can't wait to show you around! Take a guided tour and listen as we brag about all the on-site services we have to offer you - our newest class of medical leaners. 

Social Media and Communication
Hear from Memorial's best communicators - experts in social media engagement, connecting with your fellow learners, physicians, and the community, and much, much more. 

MUN101 Content 
As part of our Faculty of Medicine Orientation portal, all learners will have access to MUN101 Orientation content. This online platform allows us to virtually welcome you to the university community, while also supplementing all the in-person sessions you’ve been attending throughout Orientation Week. It’s also an easy tool to help ensure you are keeping up with the latest news and your new-learner requirements.

Dress Code: The Faculty of Medicine is attached to The Health Sciences Centre which adheres to the following dress code, please ensure you adhere to this dress code at all times.