Internal Deadlines

Although funding applications may ultimately be submitted to the funding agencies via their own online portals, the internal submission process for obtaining faculty and institutional approval for applications is handled through the MUN Researcher Portal.

Internal (MUN) Competitions: For grant applications being submitted to internal MUN competitions the deadline for Research and Graduate Studies (RGS), will be 1 business day prior to the internal competition deadline. Some internal competition do not flow through the portal. Please check with the RGS office if you are intending to apply to an internal competition and are unsure of the deadline.

External Funding Competitions: For applications being submitted to external agencies, the RGS deadline for faculty approval is normally 4 business days prior to the agency deadline. The deadline for institutional approval by Research Initiatives & Services (RIS) normally 3-business days prior to the agency deadline. (Forwarded by RGS to RIS via the portal). Please note however, in some exceptional circumstances, deadlines may be longer, so it is advised to check the funding database managed by RIS or with RGS if you are intending to apply to an external competition and are unsure of the deadline.

Discipline/Division level approval is documented using a Internal Approval Form. This form, signed by the Principal Investigator/Applicant/Co-Applicant,  as well as their appropriate Division/Discpline Headwould be part of the documentation uploaded to the MUN Research Portal submission.
For any questions on the internal approval process, please contact the RGS Research Manager:

Angela Dunn, MSc.
Research Manager, Room 2M409
Research and Graduate Studies
Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University
Tel: 709.864.6295