Labrador City

Located in Labrador City, the Labrador West Health Centre serves Labrador West. The health centre has 28 beds, 14 of which are designated long-term care beds for levels three and four nursing care. Inpatient units provide care to medical, surgical, obstetrical, pediatric, respite, palliative care and psychiatric clients.

The hospital is served by fee-for-service family physicians, a general surgeon, an obstetrician/gynecologist and an anesthesiologist.  There are also a number of specialists who visit the hospital on a regular basis. Surgery is carried out in the major or the minor operating room. Maternity care is provided by family physicians and nurses.
Community Overview

The community has a modern shopping mall and a number of shopping centres to provide an ample supply of goods and services.  Churches of various denominations look after the spiritual needs of the people. More than 60 social, service, special interest and sports clubs represent many interests.

Recreation is widely diversified because of our climatic conditions. The winters are long but mainly sunny with an average temperature of -15 to -20 degrees celsius, though periods of intense cold are experienced with temperatures as low as -45 degrees celsius. Winter activities include skiing (alpine and Nordic), curling, hockey, figure skating and snowmobiling. The ample snowfall affords Labrador City one of the longest skiing seasons in Canada.  

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Transportation & Accommodations

There is no public transportation in Labrador City, however there taxi services are available: EZ Cabs at 709-944-3344.

Learners training in either the hospital or clinics are provided accommodations whenever possible. For more information about accommodations, please contact the APA for Northern Region at The APA for Northern Region will assist learners with making a connection with someone located in Labrador City.
Contact Information

Labrador West Health Centre Switchboard Phone Number: 709-285-8100.

If you require contact information or additional information about Labrador City and the surrounding area, please connect with the APA for Northern Region at The APA for Northern Region will assist learners with making a connection with someone located in Labrador City.