Unmatched After Closure of CaRMS

Options for Learners who are unmatched after the second iteration of CaRMS

Med8999: Advanced Career Planning

  • This course is offered to eligible learners after completion of the MD Program and allows participation in clinical electives and a career advising curriculum with the intent of helping unmatched learners explore alternate career paths as a means of improving the likelihood of success in the subsequent CaRMS match.

Other options after remaining unmatched:

Some learners are able to secure research jobs/fellowships or enroll in graduate studies related to their area of clinical interest and pursue academic activities as a means of increasing their competitiveness in the subsequent match. 

The College of Physicians and Surgeons prohibits any clinical shadowing or elective experiences for medical graduates not enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine. 

Canadian Armed Forces Medical Officer Training Program for Unmatched Learners 

Depending on availability, there may be residency training positions for unmatched learners offered by the CAF.
Learners should refer to the CAF website for up to date information.


New Graduate and Master Programs at Queen’s University*

Queen’s University has introduced new programs available for learners from any university who have graduated from medical school but have not yet matched to an accredited residency program through CaRMS, designed to enhance the clinical and research skills of medical graduates to strengthen their application to CaRMS.

The Medical Sciences programs are inactive. It is undetermined when or if they will reopen*