Internationalization Office

Hours of Operation

IO General Office CA-2004  Physical 0900 - 1630 Map
Email Contact Points Virtual 0900 - 1630
Telephone Connections Virtual 0900 - 1630
The Internationalization Office is open, and staff are available to meet with students in person by appointment or virtually by appointment to address questions and concerns. In addition, you can meet with an advisor during Webex drop-in hours, or through My MUN Life ( 

To book an appointment:

    1. Go to and log in
    2. Click "Student" or "Alumni" link near the top of the page.
    3. Click "My MUNLife" in the "Student Services" or "My MUNLife" box.
    4. Click on "Internationalization Office" & then click “Book an Appointment with the Internationalization Office”.
Regularly scheduled programming, including Activitea Group, Discussion Group and Coffee Club are advertised through the listserv. If you wish to be added to the email listserv, please email
A reminder that all Memorial students have 24/7 access to FREE mental health support with Keep.meSAFE. Download the 'My SSP' app or call 1-844-451-9700 to talk to a counsellor in your preferred language.
As always, please feel free to connect with us at

International Students coming to Memorial

Thank you for choosing Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Please check our International Students Arrivals section for help to guide you through some of the steps required to travel to Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Housing Information

For those looking for off-campus housing options, there is a new section on the IO website to assist with your search. When we receive housing listings, we will publish the information on our website.

Learning Abroad

Learning Abroad Programs - study abroad, exchange, visiting research placements - are set to resume in subsequent semesters. It is never too early to start planning. For more information, please select the program of interest:
For additional inquiries, or to get in touch with our team, please contact

Supports & Resources


Off-Campus, community-based supports available to you:

  • Bridge the gApp: way to connect with guidance and supports for mental health in NL:
  • 24-hour mental health crisis line: (709) 737-4668 (local)/1-888-737-4668 (province-wide)
  • Mobile Crisis Response Team: 1-888-737-4668 (St. John’s)
  • 24-hour walk-in Psychiatric Assessment Unit, Waterford Hospital, (709) 777-3021/(709) 777-3022

Events, Activities & Opportunities

Getting involved in campus life is an essential component of the university experience. And because there are so many things happening at the Internationalization Office, we thought the easiest way to showcase these activities is on our events page. Please check out our events calendar for activities, events, sessions, seminars, and much more regarding all of the supports and services provided by the Internationalization Office.

International Units at Memorial University

  • The English as a Second Language Unit provides English Courses and a bridging program from Grenfell Campus.
  • The Office of Student Recruitment (Registrar's Office) completes a wide range of recruitment and outreach activities to Canadian and international prospective undergraduate students.
  • Grenfell Campus attracts international students to its unique programs.
  • Marine Institute International manages a significant number of projects internationally.
  • The School of Graduate Studies administers all master's and doctoral programs at Memorial and facilitates international research collaboration, joint programs, joint supervision and short-term visits.
  • Go Abroad Memorial is a pan-university collaboration to encourage students to participate in Learning Abroad experiences. 

About the Internationalization Office

New Definition of Internationalization 2022
Memorial University is committed to internationalization, international co-operation, studentmobility and cultural sensitivity. We welcome international visitors and we strive to collaborate with educational institutions, businesses, governments, foundations, benefactors and alumni around the world in order to enrich research and teaching, and to ensure we offer outstanding programs for faculty and students.