Media Relations

You have stories to tell. We want to tell them. The Marketing and Communications office is here for you, and can provide assistance and support for any media relations activities, requests or inquiries.

Whether the media has come to you for information, or you want to bring information to the media, or to us, we can help. We are experts in media-training, and will ensure you have all the tools you need to enable you to reach your ideal target audience.

The media provides a direct communication link, sharing everything from good news stories to important findings the public should know.

We encourage you to work with the media to share what’s happening within the medical school and your areas of expertise. We will partner with you to get the best outcomes through media planning and developing strategies that will help leverage your information’s potential. We can also provide support in key message development and interview preparation.

Take a minute, and have a look at our social media page. In today’s world, news is breaking faster than ever before, and we need to be aware of news coverage related to Memorial University’s Faculty of Medicine.

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Virginia Middleton
Senior communications advisor
Room M2M220
709 864 6363 or 709 725 8157

Kelly Foss
Communications Advisor
Room M2M221
709 864 6358 or 709 699 3788