On-campus Housing:

Memorial University has three main residence options to choose from:

1. Burton's Pond Apartments: $2,408 CAD, per semester.
These buildings provide a high level of independence for individual residents. Each student an office/study space, a private bedroom and a shared kitchen, living room and washroom. All apartments are fully furnished.

Single Room: A private bedroom within a four-bedroom apartment. Each single room contains a twin-sized bed, storage drawers, a desk and closet/ Washroom, kitchen and living room are shared among roommates in the apartment.

2. Macpherson College: $2,591 CAD, per semester.
These buildings are best suited for more independent students in their second year and beyond. Rooms in these buildings are suite-style and consist of private bedrooms with semi-private washrooms, and each floor includes a community lounge and meeting and/or study space.

Double Suite: Shared by two students, each with their own private bedroom containing a twin-sized bed. Each bedroom comes equipped with a desk, shelving and a closet. There is a private washroom and shower in each suite shared only by the two occupants.

Single Suite: Occupied by one student. Single suites have either a twin-sized bed or a double bed. Each bedroom comes equipped with a desk, shelving and a closet. There is a private washroom and shower in each suite. These suites are typically reserved for accommodation/accessible suite requests.

3. Paton College: Most of these buildings are best suited for undergraduate students who are in their first year of studies or away from home for the first time.

Double Room: $1,947 CAD double occupancy room, per semester
Shared by two students, each with their own twin sized bed. All double rooms have two desks and storage space. There are two shared washrooms per floor and gender neutral washrooms are located on the 2nd floor of all buildings. Paton College also has quiet floors/wings. In most buildings, the quiet floor is the fourth floor.

Single Room: $2,202 CAD single occupancy room, per semester
Occupied by one student who is typically returning for their second year or beyond. Single rooms have either a twin-sized bed or double-sized bed. All single rooms have a desk and storage space. There are two shared washrooms per floor and gender neutral washrooms are located on the 2nd floor of all buildings. Paton College also has quiet floors/wings. In most buildings, the quiet floor is the fourth floor.

Memorial University on-campus housing website: https://www.mun.ca/residences/

Off-campus Housing

Housing advice and support:

The learner well-being and success centre at Memorial University’s Medical school is available to all students to help support them in navigating their off-campus housing search. A financial advisor is available to all medical students that may also help to find the option that is best for each students unique circumstance.

You can contact the lws office at:lws@mun.ca or our advisor at: lwsfinancial@mun.ca

Off-campus housing includes the options of renting or buying:

1. Renting: Currently the market for renting individual apartments in St. John’s, NL is difficult as there are not many rental properties available making the prices for the ones on market quite high.

The average rental cost for a single bedroom apartment near campus is around $800-1,800.
To find available rental units you can look on sites such as NL Buy & Sell, Kijji, Craigslist, or via a direct Google search, however, we recommend looking first through the MUN off-campus rental properties available via the Facebook page as those landlords have already rented to previous students giving you the opportunity to ask previous renters further questions. Although this may be a slightly more expensive options, we also recommend finding rental properties through a verified rental agent or a property management company to avoid rental scams.

2. Buying: To start the journey of buying a house in St. John’s, we would recommend you find a real-estate agent to help you with your search based on what exactly you are looking for. To find a local real estate agent a quick google search can bring up a list of agents or you can use this website to get you started:


Usually, a local real estate agent can not only help you in your journey of finding a home but also through the process of getting you in touch with local lawyers, inspectors, and contractors that they often work with.

When buying a home, you will need to be prepared to put down a down payment which can be a larger amount of money. In addition to that the cost of the real estate agent, the services to help you through the home buying process, and the monthly mortgage (which is based off the total cost of the house, the amount of down payment you initially put in, and the interest rate), and the monthly bills (electricity, water, internet, etc) must also be considered.
Note: If you are planning on buying a condominium then there is usually an additional cost of the monthly condominium fees to consider.

Rental scams:
To protect students from rental scams we recommend going through a checklist to ensure there are no red flags when choosing a place to rent.

-Always start your review process by googling the property’s address
-Meet the landlord in person can help reduce the risk of scams and help to provide better services overall
-Contact/ reach out to previous renters of that unit to verify information of the landlord and their living conditions  
-Ensure the listing is real and not a ‘phantom rental’ or fake ad trying to get your money through deposits or application fees  
-Before signing a lease, or handing over any money, always ensure you have viewed the entire unit, all the amenities, and facilities
-Landlords can only legally ask for last month’s rent and a refundable key deposit, to be collected at the time of signing the lease. No other fees are legal: no application fees, holding fees, damage or security deposits, cleaning fees, pet deposits, etc.
-Be careful to not give away any of you personal/confidential information such as a Social Insurance Number (SIN) or banking information

Finding roommates:

If you have found a place and are looking to find some roommates to stay with you then you can post an ad on websites such as Kijiji or we recommend using the Memorial university Facebook page below to post about or find roommates.

Memorial University off-campus Housing Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/432501446882381/

Memorial University moving to Newfoundland information Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/movingbackhome/

Memorial University MSA Off Campus Housing Facebook page:

For rent in Newfoundland Facebook page:

Government resources:

The government of NL provides a province-wide, toll free number (1-888-709-7090) that will detect the region where the caller is located and immediately connect them with one of ten transitions houses that are part of the Transition House Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The caller is then able to immediately speak with a trained professional who will assist them directly, or connect them to the appropriate service or organization in the community, including women’s centres, Violence Prevention NL organizations, government departments, or medical and policing services.

The Domestic Violence Help Line is also fully text enabled, which provides for an additional means for those in need to reach out for assistance.

The Help Line will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Iris Kirby house:
Iris Kirby House provides a safe home to abused women from all walks of life – with support and the opportunity to explore alternatives to living in an abusive relationship.

The NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre
The NLSACPC aspires to a world where all individuals are empowered and mobilized to create communities free from sexual violence. We provide a leadership role in listening to, believing, and supporting individuals who have experienced sexual violence through empowerment, advocacy, and awareness.

Government assisted living:
The government of NL provides several resources and support for individuals in need of housing support :

They also offer low-income rental housing for households that cannot obtain suitable and affordable rental housing in the private market:


The city of St. John’s also provides resources for affordable housing:

Bridge the gapp is also a government of Newfoundland sponsored program that provides many resources for emergency situations for individuals around the clock: