Governance of the MD program involves several committees and sub-committees.

The Undergraduate Medical Studies (UGMS) committee is responsible for setting policy for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program which includes its overall design, management and evaluation. Operational oversight of each Phase of the MD Program rests with a Phase Management Teams which report into the UGMS.

The UGMS Committee has four additional sub-committees, which function as policy advisory committees: the Program Evaluation Subcommittee (PESC), the Student Assessment Subcommitte (SAS), the Information Technology and Advisory Committee (ITAC) and the Curriculum Oversight Subcommitte (COS). The COS assists the UGMS by monitoring curricular content and objectives, as well as enhancing, clarifying and maintaining processes related to the ongoing review, monitoring, and management of the Undergraduate Medical curriculum. The COS liaises with the Undergraduate Content Leads, who are content experts, to ensure curriculum content is appropriate for the achievement of course goals and program objectives. Details related to the curriculum can be found in the interactive curriculum map and the curriculum content section of this website.

Once approved, the Terms of Reference and Minutes for the MD Program Governance committees are made available here: 

Decisions regarding student promotion within the MD program are made by the Student Promotions Committee, which is a standing committee of the Faculty of Medicine Faculty Council.