Well-Being Resources

Take a look at the many well-being resources available to you, covering topics like managing your time, dealing with stress, coping with anxiety, exercise, eating right and much more.
UGME learners review the links below or contact lwsconsultant@mun.ca for information on any of these resources.
PGME learners review the links below or contact lwswellbeing@mun.ca for information on any of these resources.

For a list of resources for medical learners and residents with families, click here.

Resident Resources

Government Resources on COVID-19 & Well-Being

Government of Canada Mental Health Support

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador COVID 19 Mental Health Support

Bridge the gApp

Bridge the gApp is a new way to connect with guidance and support for mental health and addictions in NL and Labrador. From a computer, tablet or a phone in your pocket, you can instantly access content that can provide advice, inspiration, assurance, or direction for finding additional supports when you need it the most.


Doorways provides rapid access to mental health and addictions counselling services ‘one session at a time’. While most locations offer a walk-in service, some locations provide same-day, next day, or appointments by phone. Walk-in counselling services are available without an appointment or referral.

Alcohol use and addiction resources are available through Doorways and BridgetheGapp. Take a look at the pages below, which provide hands-on information and tips to support individuals, families, & friends in four key areas related to alcohol use:

Responsible Alcohol Use

Alcohol Withdrawal

Maintaining Recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder

Supporting Others with Alcohol Use Disorder

Eastern Health Check with EVA

Eastern Health’s Employee Virtual Assistant (EVA) is an innovative online tool that provides EH employees, including Phase 4 Undergraduate and Resident Learners, and their families with access to mental health supports and resources, 24/7. EVA’s online structure allows access to mental health resources while ensuring safety by supporting physical distancing and ease of access. If you are not an EH employee, EVA will connect you with BridgetheGapp, at the link above. 

Memorial Resources

Student Wellness & Counselling Centre

MUN Student Life

For MUN Faculty & Staff 

Canadian Medical Association Resources

Physician Wellness Hub

Wellness Connection

Wellness Support Line

General Well-Being

Canadian Federation of Medical Students - Wellness

Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association - Self-Help Resources

Canadian Mental Health Association - Newfoundland and Labrador 

CDC Healthy Living Resources

Stress Management - Help Guide 

Work/Life Balance - Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety

School/Life Balance - Johns Hopkins University

Being Active - Gov't of Canada

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

Yoga with Adrienne - Free Yoga Videos for anxiety, stress & more!

Food & Nutrition - Gov't of Canada

Expert Guidance Food Guide - Unlock Food

Menu and Recipe Planner - Cookspiration