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LWS offers meditation for learners, faculty, and staff of the Faculty of Medicine

  • Meditation is cancelled until further notice.

Meditation styles include relaxation, visualization, or simple mindfulness meditations.
No experience is required.
Email LWSwellbeing@mun.ca for more information or to request a meditation session for a group of medical learners.

Meditation participant testimonials:
“I've found meditation sessions to be a great way to take a break, to be closer with and take care of yourself, and to share that experience with other people who want to do the same! I really feel calmer and more centered throughout my day, and with the manageable timing of the sessions, it's a 10/10 recommendation from me :)“  ~ Ibrahim D.
“The first time I tried a meditation session, the calm engulfed me like a gentle wave and the stress flowed away as the tide receded.  Paradoxically, by the end of the session, I experienced both peace and invigoration – a renewal of self.”  ~ Janet B.

“The Learner Well-Being and Success Meditation sessions, though brief, offer me a moment of peace, a chance to re-energize, and an opportunity to focus on my mental well-being. I really appreciate the ‘safe space’ created by the leader. I tried meditation for the first time a year ago and it’s been an important part of my wellness ever since. I look forward to this session every week! I recommend it to everyone.”  ~  Meditation participant