Required Documentation

For planning and preparation purposes, the below documentation should all be completed at least three (3) months prior to the site visit.

Medical School Self-study

The Medical School Self-study (MSS) is a key component of the CACMS/LCME accreditation process.
The self-study process requires the time and effort of the medical school’s educational leadership, faculty members, students, administrative support staff and others associated with the medical school, its clinical affiliates, and its parent university.
The ultimate responsibility for conducting the self-study and preparing the final self-study report rests with the MSS Steering Committee. 

Independent Student Analysis

The guide to the Independent Student Analysis (ISA) describes the important contribution students play in the accreditation process. Students in a school preparing for accreditation visit are expected to organize their own self-study of the educational program, courses and curriculum, student support services, and the environment for learning. They should be members of various committees conducting the institutional self-study. Groups of students will be scheduled to meet with the visit team during the school's site visit.

Data Collection Instrument

The school completes the Data Collection Instrument (DCI) within three or four months after it is received, so that it can be used as the basis for the institutional self-study. The dean appoints a self-study steering committee and subcommittees corresponding to the main sections of the DCI (e.g., Standards 1 to 12). The DCI and a summary of the self-study are mailed to the CACMS Secretariat and to each member of the site visit team three months before the site visit. Instructions are found in the Guide to the Institutional Self-Study.
The mini-DCI prepared for limited visits is completed in time for dispatch to the CACMS Secretariat and members of the visit team at least one month before the visit.