Well-Being Leadership

Learner Wellness Committee 

The Learner Wellness Committee is a forum to connect learner, staff and Faculty with the common goal of supporting medical learner wellness. The Faculty of Medicine believes in promoting a culture of wellness and resilience that encourages, supports and enables medical learners to develop and maintain their own personal wellness. 

The Committee is committed to ensuring medical learners have opportunities to develop and maintain healthy lifestyle habits, to understand the impact of their choices on their personal wellness and to support each other and the community.

The Learner Wellness committee meets regularly, is chaired by the Learner Wellness Consultant, and includes broad representation from the Faculty of Medicine. 

Learner Wellness Leaders 
Get to know your Learner Wellness Leaders a little more!

Class of 2024 – Erica Mitchell & Jade Roberts

Class of 2023 - Jane Cooze

Class of 2022 - Brittany Bolt & Stephanie Malone

Class of 2021 - Erin Bonisteel 

CFMS VP and Wellness Rep - Mitchell Chaulk