Our Identity

We ambitiously seek to influence the future shape and nature of learner well-being & success locally, nationally and internationally, and at all levels from undergraduate to lifelong learning. We are purposefully outward and future-looking and have a growing network and reputation for delivering well-being & success thought leadership.

With a focus on the idea of a "thriving life and successful career", we base our values upon universal human strengths and virtues, diversity of thought, free exchange of ideas, innovation, and commitment to making a positive impact. In keeping with local needs and global trends, we work to integrate the cultural and educational essence of psychological and leadership theories to aim to produce thriving and socially responsible medical graduates with growth mindsets, global perspectives and 21st century capabilities.
Since establishment, we have designed, and contributed to the development of a well-being culture through the implementation of which, we have continuously upgraded our operation mechanisms and leadership in response to evolving demands. In order to succeed in a change leadership position in an environment experiencing radical change and rapid expansion, we have assembled a team of people characterized by flexibility, energy, creativity, innovation and an enthusiasm for the pace, dynamism and ambition which distinguishes the Office of Learner Well-Being & Success.

Our Vision

To inspire medical learners to realize their full potential by cultivating well-being as a way of life leading to ultimate success, now and in the future, to advance the health of the people and communities we serve.

Our Mission

Through building relationships and experiences that engage, support, empower and change, we are committed to creating a culture of well-being where medical learners thrive and develop value-based, socially conscious identities and transition to practice as competent, resilient, lifelong learners who are innovators and leaders in healthcare.