New Brunswick Learners

The Office of LWS is dedicated to supporting learners in the Faculty of Medicine to achieve their full academic and personal potential. We offer learners a range of personal, financial, academic and career counselling services and support. We aim to ensure that all learners are supported throughout their training with the resources that they need to succeed.

PERSONAL: From time to time you may be facing challenges that can impact on your academic and personal well-being. If you are experiencing difficulties of a personal nature and would like to speak with someone you can contact the Director of LWS for your site. You are also encouraged to contact the Learner Well-Being Consultant at any time. All counselling is kept confidential. 

HEALTH: While in New Brunswick you may require the services of a family doctor or another medical practitioner. If you are unwell or have any medical concerns please contact the Director of LWS for your site and they will be able to make a referral and set up an appointment on your behalf.  

FINANCIAL: If you have questions or concerns regarding financial matters you may contact the Director of LWS responsible for the city in which you are located. If you are looking for specific information about debt management, personal lines of credit, how to develop a financial plan, you may contact the Office of LWS directly. T: 709 864 6333, F: 709 864 6360, 1 877 794 9740.

CAREER: Do you have questions about electives and selective? Are you preparing for CaRMS interviews and Matching and require some guidance? Are you looking for general advice about specialties?  You can contact the Director of LWS in the city you are completing your clerkship or you can feel free to access the MUN MedCAREERS programme directly. MedCAREERS is a career advising and planning programme based, with permission, on the original American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) Careers in Medicine (CiM). The Director of MedCAREERS is Dr. Teri Stuckless.

ACADEMIC: If you are experiencing academic difficulty while on your clerkship you should contact the Director of LWS at your site. Also feel free to reach out to our Learner Well-Being Consultant(s) if you require academic supports such as time management, test taking, study skills, test anxiety, accommodations, etc.